Saturday, July 16, 2011

In a glass room..

Due to the hype of the newly built Sydney City Westfield, i had no idea of “The Strand Arcade’s” existence. I preferred it over the attention w###e Westfield because i felt it was more dedicated to fashion rather than a mass pseudo “up class” money making scheme, but that’s just me.

Gorman shirt
Bardot blazer
Marcs pants
Mimco scarf
Roberto del Carlo boots
Oroton bag

Ginnette woollen blazer
Vintage maxi dress
Just Jeans scarf
Vintage ankle boots
Escada handbag 

My chunky red knit scarf is serving me well. I love the colour, especially how it's not a block red, but rather has gold specks here and there.

Despite the fact that my facial expression does not look too pleased, it was quite a lovely day really. Well here I am, wearing the red blazer again, I’ve grown quite a friendship with its vibrance in this awful cold weather in Sydney. This could look borderline what Koreans call “ajumma” (old lady) but it was just too windy that day for me to care.

We sure love our red - the past few outfits have consisted of us both wearing the colour!

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