Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to stop yourself from making excessive purchases

Although the title suggests it, this post is not a manual on how to prevent purchases from occurring. However we have discovered a clever little trick which gives us another chance to stop ourselves before it is too late. When we wandered into Sportsgirl, the bright lighting and loud music seemed to hinder our decision making skills, because we wanted many things. Instead of recklessly making our 7th and 10th purchase for the year, we decided to think it through, and took a photo of ourselves with the items. Then we left the store. Afterwards, having looked at the photos, it almost felt like we already had them and our minds decided to accept this as the truth... which means, we didn't get them! Haha probably no big achievement, but with a limited number of purchases, we can't really go around buying whatever we fancy. The items are still nice though, there's no doubt about that.

I think I was mainly attracted to the hints of mustard in the coat, and then the perfect combination of the burgundy floppy hat with the red, brown, and yellow check coat. AND the maroon-brown ankle boots with mustard laces that I spotted at Gorman (which I also didn't get). I've been strong the past couple of weeks! I stopped myself from buying an Alannah Hill jumper (mainly because when I got to the store ONE day later, they had put it back on the floor and sold it although I had put it on hold the day before!) and cardigan (similar to the stripey one above except with dark pink, navy, and white stripes). I've been good :)

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