Saturday, July 30, 2011


It was a pleasant surprise that the queue despite appearing long did not take too long…There was an ambience of anticipation in the air, most likely to do with the fact that everyone was hungry and because Star City is quite a festive area for people who come to try their luck or just addicted (if you are call the hotline to quit!)

There definitely is a variety of food on offer, but I just don't think the food tastes that great, especially for the amount they charge. The food seems a little bland and I can find better tasting options elsewhere.

I do eat a lot of the prawns though. Not because I like them in particular, but because they don't require any extra flavour apart from the sauce. So a plate (or two) of prawns and i'm set.

I remain strong on my belief that women have a dessert chamber designated in their stomach, as I was amazed how much I could gorge down even after all the plates of food. Honestly, I cannot recall the tastes but it was pleasant at the time. The food overall typical yet pleasant buffet food. The prawns were a standout fresh and tasty.

 Camel & Royal Blue 

It was a lovely night, but i must warn you don’t stroll here on a Friday night. My friend and I once encountered waves of drunken sleezebags that howled at us like a pack of wolves..wait wolves are too much of a pretty description for them.

Garden Buffet
Star City
Level 1, 80 Pyrmont St
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Phone: 1800 700 700
Hours: Lunch; daily from 11.30am
Dinner; daily from 5pm

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