Monday, July 25, 2011

One cafe

Well first of all I must emphasise the service here was absolutely astonishing, utterly RUDE & bled with unwelcoming tendencies (I was tempted to storm out & I am actually normally quite a patient good tempered girl! Which just says something). The other waiters were fine but just one person who didn’t wear the waiter uniform but anyway, I understand that it was busy but that doesn’t mean you can talk to the customer as if they wronged you in some way or persistantly asking for the menus back as if we are about to cause a terrorist attack. I will stop my rants but i suggest if you don’t want to risk your lovely brunch ruined by some #$%! then you do not come here =). Enough with my rant and to the chicken & mushroom crepe I ordered.

Chicken crepe $19.95; sauteed mushroom, crisp bacon, melted gorgonzola cheese
 As you can see from the picture, the crepe was almost burnt, some may argue that it’s more tasty that way but personally i prefer my crepe lightly panned with that buttery/egg flavour. The sauce was creamy and the mushrooms were pleasant however the dish was overwhelmed with just TOO much chunky DRY chicken. By the end i felt like my mouth ran a marathon. Overall, I will not come back here because i can find plenty of other cafes that are friendly and better in flavour.

C1 club sandwich $18.50; tomato, lettuce, chicken breast, bacon, egg, mayonnaise
 I have a not-so-secret love for club sandwiches. In my opinion, they're just so tasty even though they don't take too much time and effort to make. So I have to say that these, like most others, were tasty and pleasant to eat. Because of this reason my opinion of this place isn't as strong and clear as Alvina's, but I do definitely agree with the service (which was an absolute shocker). I mean I had always walked past this place thinking "Hmm this might be a nice place for lunch, I should try it out sometime", and to have my first encounter be one of dissatisfaction is definitely a huge let-down. I probably wouldn't go back either, regardless of the taste of the club sandwich, because even that can be found for a better price and taste at a cafe which we actually do frequent (which we should probably do a post about actually!).

C1 Cafe Brasserie Chatswood Chase
Ground Level, 345 Victoria Ave
Chatswood NSW 2067
Phone: (02) 9410 0700

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