Monday, July 4, 2011

Mix & Match

Here we are after Pancakes, trying our best to take decent photos while hiding our tired faces.

Witchery navy duffle coat
Marcs khaki pants
T by A. Wang crop sweater
ZU boots
Mimco bag

Rodney Clark blouse
Cardigan from Korea
CKM leather jacket
Oggi Domani satchel
Therapy ankle boots

I had my one and only exam this day so my priority was warmth and comfort when getting dressed. The day actually turned out to be not that cold, so I was suffering a bit during the day having to lug my coat around, especially when I got lost and was starting to freak out in the delay getting to my exam. But it was all good because I found it in the end (on time) and by night time it was freezing as usual so it worked out fine! AND I found the perfect pair of pants to wear with these boots. As they are super tight and skinny, they dont really bunch up at the bottom and fit quite nicely into the shoes, so now I have another option to tights when it comes to these boots :)

Came straight after work as an English tutor, so was dressed quite studiously and tame~

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