Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roses are red...

We had brunch, then wandered around the place aimlessly, taking photos of pretty things and anything else that caught our eye.

Marcs camel coat
Sportsgirl tunic
French Connection skirt
Urge flats
Mimco bag

Coco Rico leather biker jacket
Vintage lace top
Tartan scarf (ex tablecloth)
Happy Socks socks
Therapy boots
Forever New bag

What I do when I cannot be bothered to think of what to wear; chuck on a top and skirt, and cover up with the warmest coat as to not freeze to death. Speaking of which, it has been absolutely ridiculous the last few days. It feels like minus 5 degrees everytime I step outside, and it seems nothing I do can keep me warm.

This picture reminds me of a British telephone booth, and yes I am still attracted to the colour red as you can see. The tartan scarf was a tablecloth that I stole and turned into a scarf. Quite warm =).

I know they're not really roses, but we came across this tree with these beautiful flowers, and felt the need to take a photo because it went well with the redness of the bag!

I was subconsciously influenced by Balmain, with the black leather jacket & lace white dress with red lipstick. Quite a chilled look.

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