Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cafe it

We really like to frequent cafes, as it provides us with a comfortable place to eat, chat, and spend the day lounging around. We started the day together but actually split ways and then happened to meet again at night in a cafe! We are truly meant for each other haha :)

Also, Alvina's photo's are practically 'spot the difference' ones. As much as it doesn't seem like it, they really are two different photos.. we think...

Subtitled jacket
Sportsgirl beanie
Marcs sheer white shirt
Dotti skirt
Mimco bag
Peeptoe blue ring
Roberto del carlo suede ankle boots

Ginnette woollen blazer
Rodney Clark shirt
Wrangler jeans
De Lourve heels
Burberry bag

The sole reason for wearing the beanie was to cover my fringe (well flatten actually) because it had been cut recently and was ridiculously short. My dissatisfaction with fringe cuts usually occurs every single time, but this particular time was one of the worst as not only was it short, it was uneven too :(

This outfit was inspired by a British telephone booth and a soldier boy. It seems like the colours red blue and white are drilled into my head. BLOCK coloured heels are the way to go to pull off a simple but chic look! It may seem unnecessary and vain but I did have a fantasy of a block colour heel in each colour…call it what you may..but I call it self expression? (Please don’t laugh)

Our two phones with pink and blue covers! Haha see how much we love our favourite colours :)


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